Exceptional Replay Quality and Control

No one offers a more finely tuned replay system than Grass Valley. And no one matches our flexibility, with future-ready solutions that integrate and expand to meet your growing needs, whether HD, 3G or 4K UHD.

The two new K2 Dyno Universe replay system packages — one optimized for 6X super slow-motion (SSM) but fully 4K UHD-capable and one optimized for 4K UHD but fully 6X SMM capable — give you all 4K UHD and all 6X workflows with no requirement for more operators (in comparison to HD). A simple menu change switches both K2 Dyno Universe replay systems between 6X SSM and 4K UHD operation. These systems also offer shared sessions with 4K UHD/6X replay to offer multiple angles to operators to bring engaging content to your viewers.

The K2 Dyno Replay System is an especially powerful and versatile solution for file-based, live production workflows. With streamlined processes, smooth variable speed output and the ability to work in parallel with third-party solutions, K2 Dyno is the ultimate replay system to add excitement and detail that will amaze your audience.

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